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QSC K12.2 offer features that make it easy to achieve professional sound at small to mid size events

A lot of the focus in the production world is on large shows that showcase the latest and greatest large format equipment with all the new bells and whistles. However, there are just as many, if not more, small shows happening all the time. These smaller scale shows can sometimes fall victim to bad audio quality due to lack of experience by the technician tasked with setting up the system and/or by over simplifying the system and not providing enough parameter control to overcome typical audio problems like room eq and time alignment. While there is no replacement for experience the latter can be avoided by employing "small show" equipment that offers solutions to these problems.

QSC K12.2 is one of these products that is easy and quick to set up but also provides useful parameter controls such as EQ and delay. These self powered speakers are pole mountable, sound great & offer more control onboard than any other speaker in its class. We recently used the new QSC K12.2 in a barrel room in the Santa Barbara wine country that had very poor acoustics due to the shape and surfaces of the room. The K12's along with a little EQ correction sounded great!

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